Flipping through the pages of history…

   It is impossible to imagine our region without the Korelichi fields of flowering flax. Our area was famous for this culture many years ago. Therefore, it is no accident that flax flowers are woven into the coat of arms of the district.

   Korelichsky flax plant was put into operation in December 1974. In January 1995, was transformed into JSC "Korelichi – Len".

   In November 2015, after the reorganization of flax enterprises in the Grodno region, JSC "Korelich – Len" was joined by JSC "Novogrudok Flax Plant" and JSC "Lidlen".

   JSC "Korelichi-Len" is one of the largest flax processing enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, which has a modern level of production. the purpose of the company is to produce high-quality products that meet the requirements of the customer and meet the needs of consumers.

    The main activity of the company is growing flax, harvesting flax, primary processing of flax, production of long and short flax fiber. Along with these products, the flax factory produces: a strand of packaging (rope), twine, tow, fuel briquettes from flax bonfires, flax and rapeseed oil, cake, as well as workwear, which the company provides its employees and sells to third-party enterprises.

   The total area of the territory occupied by JSC "Korelichi-Len" is 31.29 hectares. The total number of employees is 278 people.

   The company has the following structural divisions:

   –  Production site "korelichi", located in the town of korelichi;
   –  Production site "Lida", located in d.Dorzhi, Lida district;
   –  Production site "Novogrudok flax plant", located in Novogrudok.

   In 2015, the modernization of the enterprise was completed in accordance with the investment project "Reconstruction of JSC Korelichilen "(2012 – 2015).

   The total amount allocated for modernization was 23.1 million rubles. A new production building has been built, sheds for storing flax stocks, a new boiler house has been put into operation, which recycles waste from processing and provides cheap thermal energy.

   The main consumers of korelichi-len are gronitex and orsha flax processing plant. Cooperation with the People's Republic of China has been established.

   The production of long and short flax fibers is carried out on high-performance lines of the belgian company "depoorterre", as well as mta lines of russian production. this equipment allows you to significantly reduce production costs and, as a result, make it competitive in the sales market.

   The company's acreage increases from year to year. In 2020, the raw material area of JSC Korelich-Len was 3,400 hectares in the Korelich, Novogrudok and Lida districts. 90% of the raw material zone is cultivated by the forces of the mechanization unit, which is equipped with the latest means of mechanization, includes more than 100 units of equipment and has the necessary repair base. Over the past years, the equipment has been equipped with fuel consumption monitoring and metering devices, which also makes it possible to increase production efficiency.

   High rates are achieved thanks not only to new technologies, but also to the acquisition of modern equipment from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

   Thanks to the high production culture, Korelichi – Len has repeatedly become a platform for holding regional and republican seminars on the cultivation and processing of flax.

   Korelich-Len has all the qualities necessary for success, which allows us to bring to the market products that meet the highest quality standards. At each stage of the company's activity, all the functions of growing and processing flax are clearly performed. JSC "Korelichi – Len" has developed and operates a quality management system STB ISO 9001 – 2015. Modern technology, equipment allows you to get high-quality products.

   Veterans are replaced by experienced, trained specialists. Life makes its own adjustments, new technologies appear. One thing remains unchanged: to keep the lead in the processing of flax, not to reduce the growth rate forward. The company's team is focused on the implementation of all planned indicators.